One of the most potent tools for transcending the Western illusion of isolated independent individuals is graphic and app-based technology that links patterns of energy. The purpose of the app is to provide frictionless, real-time awareness of how to come together in a synergistic whole.


  • Create seamless integration within the community.
  • Measure and monitor all metrics important in a 10X community both individually and collectively.
  • Facilitate intimacy and curiosity.
  • Honor growth and growth-patterns over time by measuring them.
  • Reveal patterns and help individuals confront patterns that they are avoiding looking at.

App Features:

  • Utilities: All utilities generated and consumed are shown in real-time along with projections for the year.
  • Personal Profiles: All important details and patterns about each community members are noted for deeper respect.
  • Share: All community resources can be used by all community members and their use is tracked.
  • Roles: All roles needed for the community are outlined, their training suggested, people who play them noted and voted on.
  • Cashflow: Individual and community cashflow, reserves, emergency fund and trends.
  • "Waste:" Who is consuming what, how is it being used, recycled and is the community a net-waste eliminator?
  • Well-Being School: The curriculum of each student, their mentor, their questions, their needs and their education growth rate.
  • Well-Being Assessment: Measuring the objective and subjective well-being of each member and the community.
  • Calendar: The events people want, the events scheduled, who is attending what, which events are public.
  • Contribution: Measuring the well-being generated by individuals and the community to the larger country/world.
  • Goals: The personal goals and community goals and how rapidly they are being accomplished and what is needed:
  • Welcome help that anyone can respond to.
  • Bucket list.
  • Urgent goals.
  • Long-term important goals.
  • Tracking every goal.
  • An excellent death: What a great dying process looks like for each person and who is dying.
  • Sustainability: How are we doing individually and as a community in terms of generating more abundance on all levels than we consume.
  • 10X Relationships: Each top five relationship in the community, it's potential growth, how it's doing, where there are problems.
  • Best-Practices: Protocols for living a 10X community life that are voted on, interactive, nominated and debated on the app.
  • Safety: Emergency support and requests for help from all community members to all community members.
  • Stress Awareness: An alert when anyone is dealing with a pattern of converging stress (i.e: getting sick, not being able to work, spending savings, having higher debt, then needing to fly to another family member's funeral) so that the community can help smooth out these imbalances.
  • Growth: How fast is each person growing the skills and resources needed to be their best selves.
  • Nominate: Any idea or vote important to a community member can be fully articulated, researched and then voted on by all using a protocol.
  • Finances: A feature that allows members to make clear win/win contracts with exit strategies, that helps people track their finances, and submit information for help with taxes that can be handled yearly by the community accountant or personally.
  • Market: Give away things, sell-things within the community.
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