This is an area that as a community is born needs to be danced with. Every community must first survive, which includes currency with the larger environment. The goal for the community is that every person does about 4 hours of "work" to create currency unless they have independent funds, contributes about four hours a day to their role in the community, and four hours a day integrating and growing relationships and well-being personally and in community. 

More cash-flow positive communities may be able to hire community members full-time to perform their role, upon demonstrating competency. For example, the community might hire a full-time gardener from within the community, a full-time accountant and tax-preparer etc. But not every community can support a full-time dentist etc. In either case about 25% of the total community's time, skills and energy should be spent contributing value outside the community as a medium of good will and to create currency with the rest of the world.

The following roles are for the community's well-being itself (in some cases if a baker bakes all the bread needed for the community and wants to sell-bread outside the community then the role is both for the community and the outside):

  • An Expert Landscaper.
  • An Expert Engineer/Architect.
  • An Attorney.
  • An accountant and tax-preparer.
  • A nurse and healer.
  • A baker.
  • One or more Chefs.
  • An electrician.
  • A plumber.
  • A safety and emergency response specialist.
  • A ritual-leader.
  • A birth expert in water-births at home.
  • An animal trainer and vet.
  • A master-artist.
  • A video editor.
  • A computer/internet designer.
  • Someone to facilitate beautiful dying processes.
  • An edible gardener.
  • A sewage expert.
  • A psychedelic expert.
  • A relationship specialist, councilor and guide.
  • A yoga andmarshal arts teacher and specialist.
  • A networker and problem-solver that connects people together.
  • An education expert. 
  • A mechanic, tool fixer, tool maintainer and workshop overseer for all community tools.
  • ​​A bathing specialist for all things about public bathing.
  • A cleaning specialist for all public spaces.
  • An electronic repair, designer and maintenance specialist for all technology.
  • An excavator operator to help grade/develop home-sites, trails, set boulders and build spaces.
  • An app-designer.
  • A graphic artist.
  • Someone who prepares visitors for the community via the app and monitors all visitors in the community.
  • Someone who shepherds people in and out of the community.
  • A government specialist who creates an optimal relationship with all government officials proactively and helps students and members do the same.
  • A concrete specialist.
  • A small-business and marketing expert.
  • A massage therapist.
  • A media and presentation expert to promote the community.
  • A recycling specialist that ensures zero-waste.
  • A visioner for the community and helping individuals achieve their vision.
  • A health, yoga and diet practitioner.
  • Untrained people on a mentoring program to learn a new skill that will allow them to help others or join the community when they are an expert.
Note: Students provide backup support for many or all of these roles, with the possibility of outside students being able to join for a time, providing both revenue, support, and using both the education app and mentor-system to grow. It is also likely that in many of these roles two or more people could be used in the community.


  • Continual growth, passion and results-based/feedback-based ongoing analysis is more important than an external degree.
  • Measuring passion, results and ongoing growth monthly and giving roles to those who most want them will lead to vitality and well-being.
  • Everyone has transparency.


  • Roles are defined by results based on the community. For example, a natural-birth in warm-water specialist might have a role defined as:
  • Has participated in more than fifty births by a mentor.
  • Is able to deliver 98% or more of our babies without the need for a hospital.
  • Knows their limits and has clear protocols in place (visible to all on the app) for what to do in various situations.
  • Is able to bond with more than 85% of mothers at a 8 out of 10 level or higher, based on their feedback.
  • Educates mothers and fathers of the best-practices to prepare and makes these visible to all.
  • Is on hand for all births as a first priority.
  • Is interested in training a teen-student.
  • People interested in playing the role start systematically meeting the criteria. 
  • When they meet the criteria to a point where 87% or more people vote them into the role, they have the role as long as they hold or grow that confidence.
  • Every person in a role shows at least 5% growth per month in actively developing their role in ways visible to all (the app) and in feedback.
  • Meta-data provides a basis for people to voice things that the community has not succeeded in creating safety to voice publicly and is a yearly assessment.
  • People wishing to join the community go through a period of nominating themselves to play a role or preparing to play a role:
  • A person states they want to join the community.
  • They are asked to describe a win/win sustainable role within the community that is practical on all levels.
  • They show their current capacity to play the role.
  • They show their current capacity to fund their transition into the community and out again, if need be.
  • If more than one person wants to apply for the same role that someone else is preparing themselves for, the first person is notified and whoever is ready first to play the role will be accepted.
  • A person will play a role as a trial basis for one month. 
  • If they play the role formally, and are voted successful then the contract of membership is approved.
Note: One of the goals of the community is to dramatically increase the efficiency with which value is generated. As such, it is not so much about a status quo, as it is about a rapid path of growth and development of each individual and the community as a whole.

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